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Process Server Bonds

We offer the following Process Server Bonds:

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What is a process server surety bond?

A process server delivers or serves legal documents to individuals involved in court cases. They also perform other tasks such as filing and retrieving court documents and providing proof of service after documents have been delivered.

The process server surety bond is a legal contract that says you, as a process server, will obey state rules and regulations while completing your duties. Each state has specific ways in which this must be carried out.

The process server bond is there to protect individuals in case a process server is found liable for damages to a plaintiff and becomes financially insolvent. A claim against the bond may be filed, and if money for damages is awarded the surety bond will pay out to the maximum value of the bond. You, as the process server found liable, would be responsible to pay back the award amount to the issuer of the bond.

How much does a process server surety bond cost?

The cost of a surety bond for process servers is typically a small fraction of the bond's full coverage amount (also known as the penal sum). The coverage amount varies from state to state.

  • California requires process servers to carry a two-year, $2,000 surety bond, which costs just $49 annually.
  • Process servers in New York must maintain a $10,000 surety bond, which has a two-year term and an annual premium of $175.
  • Oklahoma process servers must carry a $5,000 bond, which you can obtain for an annual premium of $250.
  • The state of Florida requires its process servers to obtain a $5,000 license surety bond, which will just cost $100 annually.

Why do process servers need surety bonds?

A process server surety bond is part of the licensing requirements for process servers in several states, including California, Florida, New York, and Oklahoma. If you are researching how to become a process server, be aware that you’ll need a surety bond in each state where you provide services.

Qualifying for a process server’s bond

When researching how to become a process server in your state, you'll learn whether a surety bond is required as part of your registration process.

Once you've familiarized yourself with the licensing requirements where you intend to work, here are the general steps to qualify for a process server’s bond:

  1. Obtain and complete all necessary registration forms to become a process server.
  2. Get fingerprinted (required for licensure in certain states).
  3. Request a free surety bond quote from a credible bonding agency like NNA Surety Bonds.
  4. Sign the contract and pay your premium.
  5. Receive your bond.

Get bonded in your state

License bonds for process servers in CaliforniaFloridaNew York, and Oklahoma are available through NNA Surety Bonds.

To learn more about getting the surety bond required in your location, contact us or submit a free quote request.

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The Simple Bonding Process

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Sign your contract and pay the premium
Seal the deal and ensure protection and peace of mind for your business.
Receive your surety or fidelity bond
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