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About Us

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Who We Are

NNA Surety Bonds provides surety and fidelity bonds to individuals and companies nationwide. We serve many industries and professions, including title and escrow agencies, mortgage companies, tax preparation, immigration services, notary services, health care, car dealers, and contractor services.

Our History

NNA Surety Bonds is operated by NNA Insurance Services, LLC, a national surety bond provider since 1957. Our company started out serving the bonding needs of Notaries Public and quickly expanded to serve those outside of the Notary profession.

Today, NNA Surety Bonds offers a broad range of license and permit bond products to serve all customers. We also offer fidelity bonds to help businesses mitigate losses from employee theft or fraud. Our extensive experience and operational expertise allow us to provide rapid, accurate quotes and quick turnaround times for people needing to get surety bonds for their line of work or company.

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Our Advantage

Our relationships with top carriers and decades of experience allow us to consistently provide the best bond at the lowest cost to our customers. With a wealth of knowledge in processing bonds based on each state’s unique requirements, we can walk you through the process smoothly and accurately.

  • Over 60 years in the bond business nationwide.
  • Competitive premium rates to suit your needs.
  • Responsive service and customer support.
  • Step-by-step guidance on the bonding process.
  • Relationships with A-rated bond companies.

Contact NNA Surety Bonds

We're dedicated to making your bond acquisition as simple and convenient as possible. Please feel free to contact our representatives with any questions about your bond or the bonding process. We look forward to hearing from you!

Vinny Jacobellis
Vinny Jacobellis
Surety Account Executive
CA Insurance License #4000363

Vinny Jacobellis serves as the Surety Account Executive for NNA Surety Bonds. As a licensed insurance agent in all 50 states, Vinny helps answer our customers' surety bond questions and provides solutions for their bonding or insurance needs.

Michael Appleby
Michael Appleby
Manager, Business Development
TX Insurance License #2030139

Michael Appleby has been working with NNA Surety Bonds since 2012. He works with the nation’s largest financial institutions and law firms to provide their employees with the surety bonds needed for state licensure. Michael is a licensed insurance agent in all 50 states, providing surety and fidelity bonds and insurance products to customers nationwide.

Chris Sturdivant
Chris Sturdivant
Vice President, Business Development
CA Insurance License #0I20162

Chris Sturdivant is Vice President of Business Development for NNA Surety Bonds. He is licensed in all 50 states to provide bonds and insurance products to new and existing customers. With a background in the mortgage banking and financial services industries, Chris works closely with the licensing and compliance divisions of the largest banks in the country.