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Oregon Residential Limited Contractor Bond

How much do Oregon contractor license bonds cost?

The cost of an Oregon contractor license bond can start as low as $100, depending on the endorsement you plan to get. NNA Surety has secured the option to offer the following set rates without the necessity of a credit check.

Cost of an Oregon Contractor License Surety Bond

License Endorsement Bond Amount Cost* (Annual Premium)
Residential General Contractor Bond $20,000 $180
Residential Specialty Contractor Bond $15,000 $135
Residential Limited Contractor Bond $10,000 $100

What is an Oregon contractor license bond?

An Oregon contractor license bond is required of residential and specialty contractors as a condition of their licensure. This surety bond is intended to protect consumers and provide financial compensation if a contractor is found to be in breach of contract or provides improper work.

Who needs an Oregon contractor license bond?

The Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) requires contractors who receive compensation for any construction activity to post a surety bond. The specific CCB bond an Oregon contractor needs is based on their scope of work and the type of structures they work on.

A few types of residential contractor license endorsements include:

  • Residential General Contractor: These contractors are involved in an unlimited number of unrelated building trades involving any residential or small commercial structure or project. General contractors may perform the same work as residential specialty contractors.
  • Residential Specialty Contractor: These contractors perform work involving one or two unrelated building trades for residential or small commercial projects. The building trades residential specialty contractors are involved in may change from job to job.
  • Residential Limited Contractor: This bond is required for part-time contractors who build for a hobby, for retirees, and for handyman services. Residential limited contractors may be involved in an unlimited number of unrelated building trades involving residential or small commercial structure projects that meet certain requirements.

For more information about the different residential endorsements, visit the CCB website.

How can I get an Oregon contractor license bond?

With NNA Surety, you can get your Oregon contractor license bond instantly upon purchase. No credit check or financial record review required.

Just follow this link for a Residential General Contractor Bond, Residential Specialty Contractor Bond, or Residential Limited Contractor Bond to complete your application. All we need is basic information about you, the county where you live, the full legal name of the sole proprietor, and additional basic information about your business. Once complete, your Oregon residential contractor bond will be emailed to you. Download and use today.

Please note: For any renewing contractors, your bond will be automatically filed with the state. While the Oregon CCB has very specific requirements for receipt of the bond, NNA Surety meets those requirements for you.

What else do I need to know about Oregon contractor license bonds?

The Oregon contractor bond establishes financial protection for the consumer, sometimes referred to as the complainant. If the CCB declares it necessary for the contractor to pay the consumer, and the contractor does not do so, the surety would pay up to the contractor's bond amount and the contractor would then be required to repay the surety. This surety bond for Oregon contractors does not eliminate or reduce the financial culpability of the contractor but instead provides assurance to their clients.

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