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California Public Adjuster Bond

What is a California insurance adjuster bond?

The California Department of Insurance requires independent insurance adjusters operating in California to post a $20,000 insurance adjuster surety bond. This bond protects the public against any possible misconduct by insurance adjusters and ensures adherence to the practices outlined in the California Insurance Code.

How much is a California insurance adjuster bond?

A 1-year term insurance adjuster bond costs $100 with NNA Surety. The same low rate applies to all applicants because no credit check is required.

How do I get a California insurance adjuster bond?

You can purchase your California insurance adjuster bond with NNA Surety today. The process is fast and hassle-free with no credit check needed. Simply complete the online application form. Once your payment and contact details are confirmed, your bond will be issued instantly and ready for download.

Why do I need a California insurance adjuster bond?

Individuals who investigate claims made under an insurance policy and participate in the disposal of claims are required to hold a surety bond to become licensed California insurance adjusters. Without this bond, you are ineligible to practice as an independent insurance adjuster in the state. This bond satisfies licensing requirements and meets the California Insurance Code, Division 5, Chapter 1, Article 4.

The California insurance adjuster bond guarantees that you agree to comply with the regulations outlined by the California Insurance Code. If you fail to follow these regulations, a claim can be filed against your bond. If the claim is valid, your surety company will cover the amount, which you must then reimburse.

What else should I know about California insurance adjuster bonds?

Obtaining your insurance adjuster bond is only one part of the process of becoming a licensed insurance adjuster in California. You must also:

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Meet qualifications set by the California Department of Insurance.
  3. Complete the prelicensing experience requirement.
  4. Pass the licensing exam.
  5. Fill out the application for your adjuster license.
  6. Pay all required fees.
  7. Get a $20,000 independent adjuster bond.
  8. Provide your fingerprints and passport photo.
  9. Submit additional documents if required.
    For further instructions, visit the California Department of Insurance website.

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