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Immigration Consultant Bonds

We offer the following Immigration Consultant Bonds:

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What is an immigration consultant bond?

An immigration consultant surety bond protects the general public against errors or fraudulent behavior by the immigration consultant. This type of bond provides financial assurance to the public that the immigration consultant providing services meets state bonding requirements.

The title of “immigration consultant" is recognized in California and Utah for individuals who are qualified to provide non-legal immigration services. Several other states, including New York and Georgia, refer to immigration assistance providers using slightly different terms. However, these states still maintain surety bond requirements.

In Nevada, the work that immigration forms specialists do is categorized under “document preparation services" and requires a document preparation service provider bond.

Why do immigration consultants need a surety bond?

Certified immigration consultants are required by their state regulator to post this surety bond. Specific bond requirements vary from state to state, but you must post the bond when becoming a registered immigration consultant.

How much does an immigration consultant bond cost?

Costs vary depending on your financial health and the size of the bond your state requires. For a California immigration consultant bond, you would need to pay a premium ranging from $1,250 to $4,000 every two years to post the full bond amount of $100,000.

Depending on your state, your surety bond will have to be renewed every year or every two years.

Cost of Immigration Consultant Surety Bonds

State Bond Amount Cost
(Annual Premium)
California $100,000 $1,250-$4,000* (two years)
New York $50,000 $1,000
Nevada $25,000 $250
Utah $50,000 $1,000
Georgia $5,000 $100

Bonding Requirements for Immigration Consultants

The bond requirements for offering immigration consultant services vary by state. Immigration consultants in California, for example, must post a $100,000 surety bond as part of their registration process with the Secretary of State.

Not all states require a $100,000 surety bond like California does. To be an immigrant assistance service provider in New York, state law requires that you post a $50,000 bond payable to the city of New York.

Like New York, Utah's bond amount is also $50,000. In Nevada, you're required to post a $25,000 surety bond. Again, premiums are based on personal credit history.

The required surety bond amount in Georgia is $5,000 for those providing immigration assistance services.

To learn more about getting bonded as an immigration consultant or immigration assistance provider in your state, contact us! We're experts in state bonding.

Becoming an Immigration Consultant in California

If you wish to become a certified immigration consultant in California, you must pass a background check and submit the following items to the Secretary of State:

Additional Resources for Immigration Assistance Providers

To learn more about becoming an immigration consultant or providing immigration form services, check out the resources below.

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