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Georgia Contractor Bond

How much does a Georgia contractor bond cost?

NNA Surety Bonds offers the $25,000 Georgia contractor license bond for a flat rate of $125 per year with no need for a credit check.

The liability amount of the Georgia contractor license bond is up to $25,000, and each bond can be purchased for one, two, or three-year terms, after which the bond would need to be renewed.

Other surety companies may charge anywhere from 1% to 10% of the total bond amount and require both a personal credit score and business financial record review. If either factor is deemed detrimental or a risk, it is likely you would pay a higher premium rate.

Cost of a Georgia Contractor License Surety Bond

Term Bond Amount Cost* (Annual Premium)
1 Year $25,000 $125
2 Years $25,000 $250
3 Years $25,000 $375

What is a Georgia contractor license bond?

The Georgia contractor license bond is intended to protect the general public and provide financial compensation if a contractor should break the code and, thus, the law. Georgia Code 43-41-6 states that all general and residential contractors must be licensed to assure the public that they will conduct business in an ethical manner.

A Georgia residential contractor bond does not eliminate or reduce the financial culpability of the contractor. If a claim is filed against your bond and a payout is deemed necessary, the surety would pay the required amount and you must repay the surety.

While “Georgia contractor license bond” is the most common name, this surety bond may also be referred to as a Georgia contractor bond, Georgia residential contractor bond, or a Georgia general contractor bond.

Why do I need a Georgia contractor license bond?

The Georgia State Licensing Board for Residential & General Contractors has determined that any residential or general contractor in Georgia must complete licensing requirements. In many cities and counties, you must also provide proof of the required surety bond to do business in the state.

Georgia contractors who work on any of the following types of projects may be required to have a contractor license bond:

  • Commercial contractors
  • General contractors
  • Residential contractors
  • Specialty contractors
  • Water well and driller contractors

What else do I need to know about Georgia residential contractor bonds?

Please note that while the contractor license issued to you by the state would be for a two-year period, the Georgia contractor bond has a one-year term.

Like any bond, the Georgia contractor bond has three important entities: the principal, the obligee, and the surety.

As the contractor licensed to do business in the state of Georgia, you are the principal. The obligee is the Georgia State Licensing Board for Residential & General Contractors, meaning it is the state regulatory organization requiring the bond. The surety is the bonding company issuing your surety bond.

If you need to contact the Georgia state licensing board, you can write or call them at:

State Licensing Board for Residential & General Contractors
237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, GA 31217
(478) 207-2440

How can I get a Georgia residential and general contractor bond?

With NNA Surety Bonds, you can purchase your bond today, with no credit check or financial record review required.

Just follow this link and fill out the application form. All we need is some basic information about you, where you live, the type of contractor you are, and so on. Once your application is complete, your Georgia contractor license bond will be emailed to you.