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California Bond of Bail Agent

What is a California bail agent bond?

The California bail agent bond is a surety bond required by the California Department of Insurance (CDI). To operate legally in California, individual bail bond agents and bail bond companies must meet specific requirements, including obtaining a bail agent license and posting a $1,000 surety bond.

How much does a California bail agent bond cost?

The cost of a California bail agent bond, also known as the premium, varies depending on the term length purchased. You can purchase a 1, 2, or 3-year term bail agent bond with NNA Surety for as low as $100 to $250 with no credit check required.

How do I get a California bail agent bond?

The process for purchasing your bond is quick and easy. You can purchase the California bail agent bond with NNA Surety by clicking here. Once we receive your payment and contact information, your policy will be delivered immediately and your bond can be downloaded electronically.

For more information on getting your California bail agent bond, contact NNA Surety to speak with one of our agents.

How do California bail agent bonds work?

A California bail agent bond guarantees any money received by a bail agent or company is handled properly.

There are three parties involved in the California bail agent bond: the California Department of Insurance (CDI) (obligee), the bail agent (principal), and the bonding company (surety). The principal must follow the standards set by the obligee and bond agreement. If the bail agent or bail bonding company fails to do so, the State of California can file a claim against the bond to seek compensation for losses.

What else should I know about California bail agent bonds?

Purchasing a surety bond is required to be licensed as a bail agent in California. Before purchasing your bond, you must meet California's licensing requirements. Once you have met the requirements, you must file the required documents with the California Department of Insurance.

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