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Alabama Bail Bond Agency

What is an Alabama bail agent surety bond?

In the state of Alabama, every professional bail bond agency is required to post a $25,000 bond (Cullman County requires a $10,000 bond) as part of the state’s licensing requirements.

A professional bail company bond, also known as a bail agent surety bond, is required for every county in which the agency plans to do work.

How much does an Alabama bail agent surety bond cost?

An AL bail agent bond typically costs $250 per year per county. Pricing is tiered based on the principal's credit score.

Why does Alabama require a bail agent surety bond?

The bond protects the public and acts as a financial guarantee that the bail bond agency will act professionally and legally when providing its services.

How does a bail agent bond work?

As part of the professional guarantee that the agency will follow the laws of the state and requirements of the bond, you are promising that you will pay any monies that come due to the state of Alabama as a result of a bail bond forfeiture.

As with any surety bond, you will not be required to pay out on a false claim. The surety will pay any claims against you, but you will be required to pay this money (including fees) back to the company that issued the bond.

Is this the same thing as the bail bond that a criminal defendant gets?

No, a bail bond in this instance is issued to a criminal defendant releasing them from legal custody until their case is concluded.

When a judge sets bail, and the defendant cannot pay the full amount, they will then turn to a bail bond agency to help them secure the amount of the bail. According to the Justice Policy Institute, defendants typically pay the bail bond agency 10% of the bail amount, securing the rest with some form of collateral (either something they own or property or assets put up by a friend or family member). If the defendant does not appear in court, they will forfeit the bond and will be required to pay the remaining 90%.

Because of the risk to their property by not appearing, 97% of defendants do appear for their court dates.

What are the other licensing requirements for Alabama professional bail companies?

The State of Alabama requires all publicly declared bondsmen and recovery agents to be licensed by the Alabama Professional Bail Bonding Board.

In order to get licensed, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Submit a certified fingerprint background check from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), along with the application and fee
  • Complete an immigration compliance form along with supporting documentation
  • Complete a 12-hour course and successfully pass the examination
  • Pay the annual licensing fee

The licensing fee is $125 and must be renewed annually by November 1.

What else do I need to know about this bond?

A bail agent bond is written as a company bond. The bond renews annually.

How can I get a bail agent bond?

Bail agent surety bonds may require several reports or “checks" before you buy including:

  • A credit check on everyone with at least a 10% ownership stake in the agency
  • A check for any bankruptcies, unsatisfied judgments, or lawsuits
  • A check for any tax liens or outstanding collection items
  • A check for any surety bonds canceled or declined in the past

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